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Growing up the word obligation was extremely important.  We had tasks (or chores) to do every Saturday as well as after supper (dinner) all five of us youngsters had something to do to assist clean up.  My mom taught us that obligation must come very first before leisure.  Both of my parents are difficult workers as well as instilled those values on us kids.  My mom was a Catholic institution instructor as well as my daddy was a Wisconsin specify Trooper.  Besides their paying jobs, my mom worked difficult to keep a clean home as well as my daddy worked difficult to preserve our yard, garden, repair things in the house if they needed repair, as well as remove the snow off of the driveway in the wintertime while I was growing up.  We discovered that difficult work brings rewards.  Today my parents are blessed with great health and wellness so they can work difficult volunteering in their neighborhood as well as church, as well as spend time traveling as well as checking out with their 5 kids as well as 13 grandchildren.  I hope I am able to do the exact same thing when I am their age.

I’ve always admired my mom as well as I am trying so difficult to raise my five youngsters in the exact same way she increased us.  But, mentor them obligation has been challenging.  Kids these days are so wrapped up in their electronics, video games, computers as well as gadgets that they are not always conscious of what their parents do for the family.  I’ve discovered that leading by example doesn’t always work when trying to show your kids responsibility.

My oldest is 19 years old.  When she was younger, my hubby as well as I tried every method in the book to show her exactly how to keep her space clean, assist out around the house, as well as discover the art of responsibility.  It took her a great deal longer than we expected to master this skill.  Today, she still struggles with keeping her space clean.  To prevent making the exact same errors with my younger kids as I did with her, I made a decision to try a new game to show my youngsters responsibility.

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The Chip Game

What you will need:

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House Rules

A bowl or Bucket

Small Prizes from Your regional dollar Store

Hand Written vouchers for special Privileges

Poker Chips

Plastic Containers with Lids


Poker Chips


Set up the game

The very first thing you requirement to do is compose out a set of home policies for your youngsters to comply with every single day.  Make sure you screen the policies in a high web traffic area or a household space so your youngsters can checked out them as well as discover the rules.  Next, provide each of your kids a plastic container with a lid as well as make sure you have a container for yourself too.  You can either have your kids embellish their container with basic craft supplies or you can just compose their names on the containers with a sharpie.  Make sure you label your container as well.   Then, fill a bowl or container with little prizes from your regional dollar store.  You can likewise make hand written vouchers for special privileges like additional time on the computer or tablet as well as location them in an envelope for the prize bowl.  After that choose exactly how lots of poker chips one prize will cost.  We make our youngsters make 30 chips before they can get a prize or coupon.

How to play

Have your kids sit down together on a couch, at a table or on the floor with their container.  Go with each home rule.  For every policy that your kid obeys he will make a chip.  When all the policies have been checked out as well as the chips have been passed out your kid can count his chips.  If your kid has sufficient chips he can exchange them for a prize or a coupon.

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We are trying to play this game every single night, however often it gets forgotten.  It is working as well as my youngsters are discovering a lot more about responsibility.

How do you show responsibility?

Link to this post:Teaching kids obligation with Poker Chips


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