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New data from show that there is a disconnect between parents’ as well as teens’ beliefs about medicine abuse. The organization whose goal is to assist households resolve the issue of teen compound abuse, asked 1,072 people their opinions, attitudes as well as beliefs concerning medicine abuse.  below is the results from this survey:

6% of parents of teens state they have a kid who abused medicine.  However, 10% of teens admit to abusing or misusing medicine in he past 6 months.

3% of parents of teens admit to providing their child/children a medication not prescribed for them.  But, 22% of teens state their parents provided them a medicine not prescribed to them.

When placed in purchase of importance, prescription medications as well as OTC cough medicines are thought about below typical within the context of other problems dealing with teens today.  among those ranking above prescription medications as well as OTC cough medicines are teen suicide, sexual predators, texting while driving as well as even hunger/poverty. 

The reality:  One in six teens has taken a prescription medication to get high.  Prescription medicines are the most typically abused medications among 12 as well as 13 year olds. (Source: national survey on medication utilize as well as Health)  daily 2,000 teens ages 12-17 utilize a prescription medication to get high or modification their mood (Source: medication Enforcement Administration).  much more Americans die from medication overdoses than vehicle crashes, a pattern driven by prescription painkillers (Source: center for illness Control).

Only 25% of parents of teens believe that their kid can get prescription medicines quickly from home. Teens believe their house is the simplest location to gain access to medications.  79% of teens state they understand where their parents keep their prescription medicines.  36% of teens state it is fairly simple to get medications from home.  2/3 of teens who reported abusing prescription medications stated they get them from family/friends.

75% of parents of teens state they have discussed medicine abuse with their children.  According to teens: 31% of teens have had somebody speak with them about OTC medicine abuse.  34% of teens have had somebody speak with them about OTC medicine abuse.   

These stats are extremely startling.  If you haven’t spoken to your teen about medicine abuse it isn’t as well late to begin a discussion now.  go to The medicine abuse job to take the pledge to discover about teen medicine abuse, to protect your medicines as well as to speak with the teens you understand about this issue. You can also  comply with The medicine abuse job on Twitter at @MedicineAbuse as well as join the conversation utilizing #endmedicineabuse.

Cascia Talbert is a hectic blogger, publisher, freelance writer, on the internet vendor as well as mom of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. ជាមួយ B.A. in history as well as legislation as well as a enthusiasm for composing as well as staying healthy, she started The healthy mothers magazine in 2007. The healthy mothers magazine is currently placed the top health and wellness blog for mothers as well as features a number of health and wellness professional writers as well as mother bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if moms are well informed on health and wellness problems as well as exactly how to stay healthy, they can pass that info down to their kids as well as reverse the youth obesity stats in the U.S.

Ms. Talbert is a featured health and wellness blog writer at as well as her articles can likewise be discovered on She likewise runs the healthy mothers social media network on Ning, is the chief advertising policeman for Talbert Nutrition LLC,  as well as is on the social network Advisory Board for America’s wellness Challenge. comply with her on Google+.

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