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big election years give us the incredible opportunity to introduce our little ones to the ideas of democracy and how crucial voting is. If you are trying to find ways to talk about it, fun books to read together, games to play, and charming tee shirts you’ve come to the ideal place!

How to Talk about Voting

Some of us talk about politics all the time around the house, with friends, and with neighbors. In this case, your child might already be naturally bringing up the topic of voting and asking questions.

Others of us keep our opinions a lot more private and may have a little trickier time bringing up the topic with our little ones. first of all, keep in mind that talking about voting doesn’t have to start with confusing conversations that involve politics. You can simply talk about the act of voting in itself, with examples like which show to enjoy or what everyone wants for dinner.

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Whichever boat you are in, the resources below make it easy to introduce your child to democracy and voting!

Books about democracy for Kids

V is for Voting

This incredible ABC book not only teaches your little one their letters, but focuses on concepts like social justice and civil rights!

Go Vote, Baby!

This toddler book is charming and has a little slide and vote feature which lets your toddler test out their decision making skills.

I Am Human

This book is about finding common ground with others and having empathy and compassion for them. It is a great way to start talking with your little one about how you make decisions based on your care for all people.

Democracy for Dinosaurs

Freedom, laws, equality, and complimentary speech are all topics this book hits on in a kid-friendly way. It uses every day example to show how crucial these things are to us.

Kindness Makes us Strong

Teaching our little ones about kindness and community building is a great foundation for raising good citizens. kindness Makes us strong will help you do just that!

Learning games and Videos

Let’s vote Bingo
PBS Voting Video
Sesame street and Steve Carrell- Vote
Daniel Tiger Voting and election Day

Take Them along with You to Vote

Taking your little one along with you to vote can actually be pretty fun! It will show them how crucial voting really is to you and give you both a special memory to look back on. We do recommend bringing snacks and some enjoyment along just in case there is a wait. Your little one will love getting a sticker at the end, too!

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Mailing in your ballot? មិន​អី​ទេ! just show your child how you fill it out and have them drop it off at the mailbox with you.

Future voter Gear

Every future voter should have a cute outfit to wear to the polls! below you will find some of our favorites.

Just vote Bodysuit

Vote for Me Bodysuit

Vote for Me jersey Tee

Future voter Jumpsuit

Gap collective vote Bodysuit

Vote for the Future long Sleeve

Shop these looks!







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